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New World will get more servers and expanded size on existing ones

Published: 19:44, 28 September 2021
Amazon Games
New World
New World - At least the Great-Ax will fall off, so there is that

Amazon responded to the biggest criticism New World received on the launch day and assured fans that is their top priority.

New World launched September 28, 2021, and broke all kinds of records for Amazon Games. Naturally, the records couldn't be broken without a massive amount of players, which then led to server issues such as long queues, with many being unable to play the game they eagerly anticipated.

That is the leading reason for New World having a fairly mediocre user review score on launch day as the vast majority of negative reviews are directly caused by long queue times. Amazon Games didn't just sit and ignore user complaints and they took notice fairly quickly which led to an official response via New World's Twitter.

The team acknowledged the queue problems and stated they are "continuing to stand up additional servers" which is bound to greatly help with queues on its own but they also noted the server capacity of existing servers will be expanded. It will not happen immediately because the devs will be testing the changes first, probably to figure out whether the impact on latency would be too disruptive.

Furthermore, the devs said their sole focus is currently on getting everyone into the game instead of waiting in the queue and one of the solutions the team will be offering over the coming two weeks are server transfers. Players will be able to transfer characters across servers at no extra cost in an effort to better balance the population across existing worlds.

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