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New World will add more weapons in the future

Published: 13:00, 04 October 2021
New World
New World

Amazon Games is focusing on letting everyone play New World for the time being but they are also looking into the future and promising interesting new content.

New World has been out for less than a week and while it can consume a lot of time, some players might be hungry for more, especially if there are hints of certain content already in the game.

For example, you can see pirates carrying pistols very early in the levelling process, even though the only firearm available to the players is the musket. That said, players have quite a few options for ranged combat but those who like to hear the crack of ignited gunpowder might be yearning for dual pistols or something along those lines,

It appears that their wishes might come true. One fan asked specifically whether the pistols will be added and while it wasn't the first question asked about new weapons in New World, the official Twitter account responded to this one.

That said, there is no direct confirmation that it will be pistols to be added first but the message is clear enough to make fans happy - new weapons are coming, along with additional features and content.

All of it will have to wait for a bit though because the majority of the workforce is currently focused on stabilising the game and creating more space for all the players who are trying to get in. 

The entirety of October will apparently be dedicated to those efforts but the new goodies will follow in the coming months.

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