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New World will add modifiers to endgame activities, called Mutators

Published: 13:48, 18 December 2021
New World
New World

AGS are trying to fix the lack of variety in New World endgame by adding something called Mutators, which should basically make the same things slightly different.

Mutators are coming to New World at some point in January 2022 and they are supposed to refresh the endgame by providing players with an incentive to alter their gameplay through modifiers to enemies. This is not something that wasn't seen before - games like Guild Wars and Destiny 2 have been using these modifiers in endgame activities for years.

If you are not familiar with the concept, AGS explained that the Mutators will basically add augments to the PvE enemies. For example, it can cause them to explode on death, at which point you might want to bring some healing on each party member or more AoE on the main healer. Other enemies might leave an AoE effect after death, forcing players to use the field differently in order to avoid taking unnecessary damage.

These modifiers will be unlocked with some sort of keys but thankfully, they will not be as much of a pain in the side as the expedition keys. Once you get one, it stays with you and doesn't get consumed.

Furthermore, different modifiers will affect the dropped loot in a different way. Some modifiers will apparently provide greater boosts to loot than others, which makes sense because it sounds like they will make the run harder than others would.

With greater risk and greater rewards, it remains to be seen whether the endgame in New World will become more exciting and finally manage to keep the players from leaving.

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