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New World tips and tricks gathered by beta players

Published: 02:24, 07 August 2021
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New World will take some preparing in advance
New World will take some preparing in advance

We are all saddened by the news of New World being delayed, but that just means we have more time to prepare for the live servers themselves, especially after the confirmation that no new content will be added.

In the SubReddit of New World, beta players have gathered to share some tips and tricks regarding the game, picked up during their time playing the game. All of these are sure to come in handy and can be relied on since the game itself will have no significant changes other than polishing and fixing the bugs and related issues.

Let start off with gathering. The respawn rate of ores is not a fixed value, more likely a range. For Iron, it's approximately 5 minutes, but can also be 4 minutes or 6 minutes. Keep that in mind while traveling routes for these. On a spot with 3 nodes, it's possible that 2 respawned already and the 3rd takes a bit longer. After server maintenance, all gathering spots and fishing hotspots are restored.

While gathering, one must take care that they have enough room to carry and store all their loot. Putting a chest inside your house grants storage capacity in that city. Hewn Log Storage Chest - Furnishing 35 - grants 200 bonus Storage, Iron Storage Chest (Furnishing 85) grants 300 bonus Storage. The amount of chests you can add to your house depends on the house size.

Furnishing is probably the slowest profession to level up, you need around 20k wood in total to get it up to 85 and a lot of iron as well. You need a Rune of Holding to craft bags and chests. They can be bought at your faction vendor. Minor Rune of holding costs 250g and can be used for Tier 2 chests and bags. Major Rune of Holding costs 500g and can be used for Tier 3 chests and bags.

Bags can be crafted at the Outfitter. Tier 2 Bags grant around 100 Encumbrance, Tier 3 Bags 150 Encumbrance. T4 Bags 225 Encumbrance, though it might be higher depending on your outfitting skill, and 100 Strength grant 20 bonus encumbrance.

What follows is, of course, crafting. The amount of XP gained by crafting a piece is displayed in the bottom right of the crafting window. Check all items beforehand to get a feeling which items grant the best XP per materials used ratio.

Amazon Game Studios Sometimes iron is worth its weight in gold Sometimes iron is worth its weight in gold

By increasing your crafting skill you'll get a higher gear score on lower items. This can be extremely useful when you want to sell stuff at the trading post. For example Tier 2 bags have a range from 200 gearscore - 100 encumbrance - up to 300 gearscore - 150 encumbrance.

Salvaging Amulets and Rings grant the gem as a flawed version again, the same tier early on, lower-tier later on, so you can reuse them.

As for your earnings, you can unlock multiple quests for Amrine Expedition. The good thing about doing the quests is, that you'll get additional keys to enter Amrine. By doing all quests in the 4 low-level areas you can get 3 keys in total. While town quests definitely grant more XP, normal quest lines in the cities will grant a lot more gold, around 50-100 gold per quest, and a bunch of azoth.

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