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New World server transfers are delayed again

Published: 20:43, 16 October 2021
Updated: 20:44, 16 October 2021
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New World
New World

Amazon announced yet another delay for New World server transfers but it may not be as bad as it sounds, given the current circumstances.

New World launched to massive success, with so many players pouring in that the developers couldn't keep up with the crowd. Massive queues formed and many of the players who purchased the game didn't even get a chance to play it in the first few days, as a result of having limited gaming time, which was mostly spent in the queues.

The devs eventually added a pile of other servers and planned to provide free transfers between high and low capacity ones in order to get everyone into the game and minimise the waiting time.

However, the transfers kept getting delayed and on October 15, 2021, it happened again. The devs took to the game's official forums in order to announce the feature would be delayed once again. According to the post , they have the server transfer system tested and ready to go but they are still going to hold it until the next week.

The reason this time around was that Amazon didn't want to disrupt the players by deploying the system during peak play time during the weekend. As a result, we can expect the transfers to arrive at some point during the workdays next week, most likely Wednesday when the maintenance occurs as well.

Amazon Game Studios New World - There is strength in numbers, literally New World

If previous weeks are anything to go by, European players will probably need to find something else to play as maintenance delays lead to servers being down at the prime time.

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