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New World server merges are going as badly as expected

Published: 06:10, 21 December 2021
Amazon Games
New World - All out war
All out war is expected to happen often in New World, but not daily

New World has just started with their server merges, and already we can see some complaints it is causing for the faction PvP. As expected, these server merges are causing a snowball effect on one faction, and the eradication of the other two.

During a merging of two servers, Amazon have promised that the players on these worlds are not expected to lose any progress, including gold, items, faction, companies, etc. however, territories should still belong to the companies on the world absorbing the merge.

However, what they didn't account for is the fact that, due to previous character transfer, done after the game's release, but after just enough time has passed that major guilds have been established, is that the larger servers, into whom smaller servers are being merged, are all but dominated by one faction, as whole guilds made their transfers to one server with this exact thing in mind.

In the few instances where the merging of the servers is being done between two servers of, fairly, equal player number, the problem gets even worse, with, previously competitive PvP, now being skewed in one faction's favor completely.

Reddit New World - This server used to have a Marauder faction New World - This server used to have a Marauder faction

Imagine yourself as a player on one of these servers, with a healthy and competitive PvP scene. You've been waging war for months now, against enemy factions, and grinding out your faction quests for the necessary points. All of a sudden, the server merge happens and there comes a server where one faction has been dominant for months, with the players keeping all their gear and gold, steamrolling over all opposition.

We are not sure what the solution to this problem is, but it would appear that Amazon should give more thought to which servers to merge, before actually merging them.

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