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New World server merge is arriving on December 17

Published: 03:50, 17 December 2021
Updated: 15:15, 17 December 2021
Amazon Game Studios
New World
New World

Amazon Game Studios announced that the latest maintenance is the one that finally merges New World servers and lets people actually play an MMO.

Update: The maintenance has been delayed to December 18 at 00:00 (midnight) BST / 1:00 AM CET for Europe and 1:00 PM PT / 4:00 PM EST for US and Australia.

New World 's population has been nosediving ever since the initial release due to numerous problems the game had to contend with. From bugs that make the grind harder, over the ones that makes parts of the game outright unresponsive to the ones that ruined the economy and various activities, the general player experience always had a major issue looming over it.

As a result, most servers these days are ghost towns and can't even get an Outpost Rush match going due to the lack of players. Those still sticking with the game kept waiting for the server merges and the day is finally upon us.

When the maintenance on North American, European and Australian servers concludes, it will finally bring the server merge but the players are already wary of things that might go wrong with this patch.

Anyway, the US players should be able to get into New World shortly while European maintenance has been pushed for later in the day. When the players get back in, they are going to find different territory splits from what they saw during their last session for the most part. This is because the smaller servers will accept the territory splits of the bigger ones they are merging into.

Amazon Game Studios New World New World

Meanwhile, the companies that lost territory ownership will be compensated in coin.

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