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New World removes skins after they were crashing servers

Published: 11:08, 09 February 2022
New World
New World

Amazon Game Studios placed yet another hilarious, or painful, issue into New World as the skins they were trying to sell are now crashing the servers.

Server crashing in a multiplayer is usually the result of a malicious third party that pulls the digital equivalent of the kid on the playground who yanks the ball and takes it home because they didn't like how the match was going. This is not the case with New World . Here, the devs added skins that were supposed to bring in revenue but only ended up ruining the game for everyone.

Namely, the Corrupted Love Pack skins, themed after the Valentine's Day celebrations, along with the Angels and Demons skins started causing server crashes. Not client crashes. Server. Crashes.

How does this happen? Well, we are quite perplexed with the phenomenon but if anything wasn't surprising it's that the event occurred in New World. After all, the game can't release a single patch without something going horribly wrong.

Anyway, AGS announced that they disabled the Corrupted Love Pack and Angels and Demons skins in the store in order to investigate the bug and they will be brought back when their server-crashing capabilities are gone.

It was interesting to see the reactions of the active players on social media and forums because, at this point, they are not even disappointed anymore as people are just cracking jokes at the incident.

Who even knew cosmetics could be so dangerous?

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