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New World PTR is testing smoother weapon swapping and dodging

Published: 11:55, 03 February 2022
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New World
New World

AGS is finally testing fixes to some of the most annoying issues in New World as handling different weapon sets might finally become less of a headache.

Weapon swapping in New World can sometimes have such a bad response that it messes up an entire combo and even lose you a fight because the character stuck with their equipped weapon instead of switching to what you wanted. After months of suffering, a glimmer of hope is on the horizon for the players. 

The current PTR cycle is testing changes that should go live in a few weeks and one of the most important ones is that weapons can now be swapped during reactions, dodges, traversal and while using consumables, with the exception of weapon coatings. Doing so will not interrupt these actions. Furthermore, AGS added a weapon swap cooldown of one second is such cases, in order to prevent accidentally swapping back to the original weapon set or spamming between the two on purpose.

Additionally, weapon swapping will now properly queue with attack actions, allowing the swap to happen at the first opportunity during the animation, which should result in a more fluid system.

On top of all that, weapon swap will still occur even if you get staggered at an inopportune moment so fighting a gaggle of corrupted shamblers will no longer mean you can't change your weapons.

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