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New World players report the game as having too much lag to play

Published: 06:27, 23 December 2021
Amazon Game Studios
New World
New World

It really is just one thing after another with Amazon, and their New World. After the usual problems and scandals, the current issue arising on Aeternum is the lag.

While you could have experienced lag before, while playing the game, it was infrequent. However, that ahs been ramping up with all he bugs, and it has been even worse than before after the last patch. Weapon swap bug happens way more frequently and the buffer the developers added to animations is makes things even worse.

Your character can't perform two actions at once anymore. Getting hit, even by a light attack, is considered an action.

This means you can't swap weapons, dodge, use an ability, drink a potion. None of those options are in the cards, while taking hits. To make things worse, the only exclusion are AoE effects like ice storm, but not AoE effects like maelstrom. This will all action lock you. So combat feels, at best, very clunky now.

Amazon Game Studios New World New World

Now, while all of this could be, to an extent, avoided, server merges are in progress. This means that faction wars are inevitable, and most of the servers are currently embroiled in them all across their maps. However, the lags players are experiencing while in sieges, makes the game feel like a slideshow presentation.

Furthermore, quite a few players report that, on average, invaders suffer from lag far more than the defenders, giving the defenders an unfair advantage.

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