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New World patch returns the missing gathering gear

Published: 15:12, 01 December 2021
New World - Hemp
New World - Hemp

Amazon Game Studios released another patch for New World, one that will restore the lost harvesting gear to the players.

New World players looking to harvest a few high-quality materials of herbal nature had the rug pulled from under their feet with the Into the Void update as their gear with harvesting luck simply disappeared. Naturally, this caused a lot of commotion but the patch from December 1, 2021, finally put an end to this issue.

Players who lost harvesting gear previously will now find reward caches in their inventory. Opening these will yield harvesting gear of the highest tier they previously acquired, per item slot. This means if you had looted Tier 5 chest piece and Tier 3 boots, the cache will give you a T5 chest and T3 boots, just like with the watermark system, because everyone loves that.

The wording in the patch notes is not quite clear because it states the tier will be based on the gear you previously "acquired", not specifically "looted". It remains to be seen whether this will take items purchased from the Trading Post into account. If it ends up working entirely the same as the watermark system, there will be many dissatisfied horticulturists around who spent thousands on gathering equipment and received a weak compensation.

Amazon Game Studios New World New World

All the items will be Bind on Equip so they won't be tradeable. Everyone loves that too.

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