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New World November update will make hauling no longer viable

Published: 02:06, 05 November 2021
Updated: 02:09, 05 November 2021
Amazon Game Studios
Sometimes iron is worth its weight in gold
Its back to the iron veins, inhabitants of Aeternum

Hauling has been a staple way of earning some extra money in New World since the game started, but it seems that the economic changes coming this month may affect it in a negative way, and inadvertently give dexterity classes an indirect buff.

Hauling as a profession may not be a classy one or one which takes skill to accomplish. But that was the beauty of it. Should you need some extra coin, and have some free time, you could engage in doing this, and earn some cash on the side.

However, one of the overlooked changes coming to New World in November, as part of the economic updates coming to the game is that all Trading Posts will be linked. This change will be made to strengthen the economies of less traveled territories, and ensure item availability in all territories.

However, players were usually the ones that strengthened the economy of these territories and made all manner of trade possible even among the territories with a large population.

Now, however, as all trading posts will be linked, players from one territory will be able to buy the goods of another one, at no inflated price which makes or breaks the economy of any social group. In this way, hauling will become obsolete, and the reason is pretty self-explanatory. No one will need players to carry items from one territory to the next, as they are all readily available. There is something to be said of this decision affecting traveling as well, and definitely not in a good way.

Amazon Game Studios New World I guess players will travel the world purely for the scenery now

However, one positive thing to come out of this is the indirect buff the dexterity-based classes will get. As most of these are centered around using weapons whose components include expendables, such as arrows, this type of ammunition will always be available at the lowest prices you can find on the market, because you will, quite literally, have the whole market one button away.

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