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New World may experience PvP problems that are player-based

Published: 03:11, 05 August 2021
Amazon Game Studios
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Massive multiplayer online games have always been about interacting with other people in different environments. New World is no different, but the interactions of its player-base are falling into well-known MMO traps.

The reason player versus environment usually has fewer issues in any title compared to player versus player is due to the fact that it takes, at least, two opposing players to establish. The players would, ideally, consent to this and would be of relatively equal power.

The first issue New World faces itself with is the fact that players refuse to flag themselves. That is, they refuse to enable PvP for their characters. This has come about due to frequent ganking and zerging by groups of players, which makes you lose time and resources, or perhaps stops you during a quest. The problem, of course, is not in dying, but in the unfairness of having no chance of winning.

Aside from that, on the SubReddit of New World, a behavioral specialist, and consultant, that is, a professional for interpersonal relations, has pointed out further flaws with the PvP systems of New World.


  • The fluid action combat system,
  • The lack of specific and traditional classes – the trinity is present, though flexible,
  • PvP itself feels skill-based, generally speaking, the player with more skill will win, latency considered, as long as they are moderately close to each other's level, usually within 10 levels.,
  • PvP does not feel purely like scissors paper rock, there is always have a chance,
  • Wars for territory are balanced and yield little benefit for holding a numerical advantage beyond the requisite 50 man roster,
  • Experience for kills based on the duration that the victim had been alive, in the world, and PvP flagged without dying.

Amazon Game Studios Even sieges get exhausting when attackers have so little to lose Even sieges get exhausting when attackers have so little to lose


  • Little personal gain to PvP. Especially open-world PvP,
  • No incentive to avoid death and no incentive to kill another player Once level 60,
  • Little to no reason for the average player to try engaging in open-world PvP,
  • PvP does not feel meaningful and ends up feeling Arcade-like,
  • Infinite Camp Respawns,
  • Being able to be revived by PVE flagged players and bind to any local camp as a respawn.

It is obvious that the PvP itself has a good foundation, with versatility and skill involved, however, the human aspect poses a problem. The solutions offered are plentiful, and make sense. All of them are based on implementing a balanced risk/reward system.

Make deaths more impactful, wins more rewarding, and make flagging itself rewarding, such as buffing gathering for players flagged continuously for a certain time. Perhaps even implement a currency based on player kills, the possibilities are endless with some imagination. And all of these would make for a more natural open-world PvP MMO, and in the end, a better game.

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