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New World Luck testing reveals how the stat works

Published: 15:45, 02 November 2021
Amazon Game Studios
New World
New World

Amazon Game Studios decided to leave some mechanics of New World obscure but players are already digging in and a bit of research showed how the Luck stat works.

Luck in New World might be a bit obscure to the players since there is no explanation of what the perks on the armour do or how they relate to the food. After all, the numbers are drastically different, with perks showing a small percentage while the food shows a flat number in the thousands. On top of that, what do any of those numbers do?

The community jumped right on it and after killing a thousand boars , came to the conclusion many already suspected - the luck increases the frequency of the rarer drops but no their quality or quantity. 

In other words, luck will now provide you with higher gear score items but Epic and Legendary ones will be found more often. Similarly, higher luck will result in Epic and Legendary materials dropping more often but it will not affect the amount dropped at any time.

Overall, it is well worth grabbing the additional luck from perks and food, especially if you are a crafter since it will help you get those coveted Legendary materials, including Void Ore.

The numbers from the testing are not exactly on point but they are well within the range of probabilities.

Amazon New World - Hemp Better get that Harvester gear when farming Hemp

Luck testing also provided a sort of conversion rate that shows 100 flat luck means about one per cent luck increase. For example, a Tier V food with 2,000 luck will be roughly 20 per cent luck increase.

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