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New World July update: Summer Medleyfaire event, weapon balancing and more

Published: 10:28, 08 July 2022
New World - Blunderbuss
New World - Blunderbuss

In the latest dev update video, the New World team talks about the development of the Summer Medleyfaire event, upcoming community events and weapon balance changes. 

The latest dev update video for New World is now live. In this episode, the developers once again talked about a wide variety of things, including the Summer Medleyfaire, weapon balancing and new community events where players can meet the dev team. 

Below, you'll find some of the most important details that the devs mentioned but we suggest you also check out the video above for more insight into the development of The Summer Medleyfaire and balance changes for certain weapons. 

The Summer Medleyfaire

This LTE brings a couple of new features such as a rhythm minigame in addition to some new quests from the Maestro who also has some awesome rewards.    

Players who like to fish will be happy to hear there are certain fishing festivities. You can exchange the Aeternum Sturgeon for Summer Medleyfaire items and use Mount-A-Catch stations to decorate your house with your best catches. 

There's also the new Expedition Group Finder, allowing you to quickly match with players based on preferences like role and Gear Score.

Weapon balancing

The dev team confirmed that some of the weapons that have received balance changes include the Bow, Sword and Shield and Hatchet. Players will get to test the new changes early in the PTR and as always, share the feedback with the devs.

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