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New World is getting Trade Skill and Weapon Mastery quests in the future

Published: 03:15, 15 November 2021
New World
New World

Grinding in New World seems endless at times so players might be relieved to hear that AGS will introduce additional ways to gain what you like while having some diversity.

Grinding in New World barely ever stops and two parts of the game are reliant on it more than others - trade skills and weapon mastery. In the case of weapon mastery, it can be somewhat easier to go through thanks to the elite area farms but trade skills are an absolute slog that will also rely on RNG and drain your bank.

It is for these reasons that players might be glad to hear AGS are doing something about the progression. Namely, both trade skills and weapon mastery will get new quests soon, although they will be distributed over the course of several updates. 

When players unlock trade skill milestones, they will get new quests that will offer skill-enhancing rewards. AGS didn't go into the specifics of these rewards but it could be very helpful if they are granting additional experience or even if it's items and consumables that let you craft higher quality gear.

Meanwhile, reaching milestones in weapon mastery will also unlock related quests but the rewards are a bit clearer here. New unique weapon rewards will probably let people enjoy their preferred tool of destruction without having to drop by the trading post every so often.

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Let's hope the quests can speed up the trade skill progression, especially if they become harder to master due to a potential increase in required experience.

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