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New World is getting smoother combat and a balance pass soon

Published: 09:48, 09 November 2021
Amazon Game Studios
New World - Observing PvP combat
New World - Observing PvP combat

Combat is one of the stronger points in New World and Amazon Game Studios are looking to improve it by getting rid of the rough edges it currently has.

New World combat is pretty good and addictive as it is but as the players are getting more experience with it, they are finding the underlying issues such as balance problems and the finer parts of weaving combos together.

AGS noted they will be deploying several patches in the future and the changes to weapon swapping and animation cancelling with the dodge. In the case of weapon swapping, the devs are looking to make the process more responsive. This is a direct reaction to the player feedback where pretty much anyone found it to be problematic. Nothing is as frustrating as thinking your character swapped weapons mid-combat than finding out you can't use the skill you wanted because it's on cooldown, for the weapon you wanted to holster.

Besides the weapon swapping, the team is looking to polish animation cancelling via the dodge button by removing inconsistencies when it comes to recoveries from some attacks or abilities. You probably noticed that some abilities will let you cancel the animation in such a way but others wouldn't and this will be the main target for the devs as they want to normalise all the animations that can be cancelled so the process can be more intuitive to the players.

Amazon Game Studios New World New World

Finally, the forum post that mentioned the other changes also stated there will be weapon balancing in the future but it didn't specifically say what the targets are. Considering the dominance of Ice Gauntlet / Fire Staff and Greataxe / Warhammer combos, it's probably some of these weapons that will be hit with the nerf bat. 

Not being able to do anything to a healer without a group to kill them is also pretty annoying so let's hope the Life Staff sees some changes as well.

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