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New World Into the Void update has important undocumented changes

Published: 03:51, 19 November 2021
Amazon Game Studios
New World - Void Gauntlet
New World - Void Gauntlet

Amazon Game Studios released a major update for New World and while the patch notes are massive, they are still missing some highly important info.

New World became a much better game with Into the Void update for several reasons and additions but even though the patch notes are pretty lengthy, AGS didn't manage to stick them all into the list so here are our highlights.

Dungeons, or expeditions as the game calls them, have been improved on several fronts. Most importantly, players can now trade inside the dungeons which should save us all a bunch of headache if we need to transfer a few potions or coatings between party members.

Players who have reached the endgame will find dungeons much more appealing now as the chests have finally been fixed and they will scale with your watermark, effectively raising it with their loot, instead of being stuck at 500-510 Gear Score.

Those pesky repair costs will not be as annoying as all coin rewards in dungeons has been increased, starting from Starstone. As the level of the dungeon gets higher, so does the increase in reward, resulting in endgame ones awarding twice as much gold from bosses , compared to what they did before the update.

Trying to instantly harvest a node by interacting it and then jumping will no longer work since only the first part of harvesting can now proc the effect. If you don't manage to instantly harvest the node at first, no amount of interrupts will save you from doing it the old fashioned way.

Arcana weapons can finally be crafted at 600 GS after the bug that was preventing it got fixed. 

If you want to forego crafting and watermark farming, you can search for gear of your taste on TP easier now. This is because the perk filter now allows you to select wanted attributes, which was not possible before.

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