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New World housing tax discount will end with the January update

Published: 06:25, 15 December 2021
Amazon game Studios
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Buying property in New World is getting too close the the real world

Happy Holidays everyone. Amazon have decided to hand out discounts to housing taxes as preparation for the January update, which is reviled all over the community. Maybe this is an olive branch, or maybe a move in the right direction.

New World developers have been accused of many things by their player-base, but the one thing they have not been accused of is being accomodating.

However, in one of their recent posts on the New World forums, they have stated that the housing tax will be lowered until the January update goes live, as a present during the holiday season:

"Who raises taxes before the holidays? What kind of scrooge are we? To keep the spirit of the holidays, we will keep the housing tax discount live through December, until our January update. Happy Holidays!"

 Unfortunately, this has caused some confusion amongst the players, as to whether there is a December patch or not, or the next patch we will see is in January, and it seems that January is the likely conclusion. Furthermore, there has been a controversy regarding the player housing tax, once the players started buying their first houses a few months ago, due to Amazon not properly clarifying that the 50% discount only applies the first week.

Amazon Games New World Displaying a house in New World is based on a point system

The solution here, it would seem, is not to hand out discounts to taxes, but to take care of the problem at its core. Currently, the guilds that hold land generate far too much gold compared to others, that the snowball effect is almost unstoppable, and the prices keep going up, as the value of gold keeps plummeting, and that is what Amazon should really be focused on resolving.

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