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New World has taken second place on Steam's wishlist

Published: 03:02, 24 August 2021
Amazon Game Studios
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Putting a game on your wishlist may seem a spur of the moment thing to you, with no real consequence, but should enough people do it, it gives valuable information regarding the game's pre-release success.

Steam wishlist is one of the most important metrics by which a game's future success can be judged. Though one can argue that most people take a fleeting interest in a game, once the number goes into hundreds of thousands or even low millions, even if a small percentage of those people are those genuinely interested in the game, and then others who may try it if turns out to be good, it is still a large number of interested fans.

One of the things we've been keeping an eye on, as avid MMO fans, is the tremendous hype around New World. Amazon's MMO should be the company's most successful launch when it finally emerges, judging by the feedback the community gave after the beta ended.

Quite a few things may be attributed to the current, success of New World.

One of those is the fall of World of Warcraft. While "fall' may be too strong of a world, no one can dispute that the titan of MMOs has regressed into everything it once stood against.

The community is incensed with the new content, and the old ones are hidden behind paywalls, and even nostalgia can't cover the flow of time, not tho mention the current problems happening in Blizzard.

New World, however, couldn't have come at a better time. With its amazing scenery and artwork, well-executed worldbuilding, and time-adequate combat system, it just ticks all the boxes.

Amazon New World screenshot showing several characters I could get used to this kind of aesthetic in MMOs

The game is straddling the line of classics and innovation extremely well. It has just enough familiarity to lure in MMO fans, and invention to keep them playing.

"I can honestly say New World, while not perfect, is the closest I have come in 15 years to reliving the fantasy, excitement, sheer awe, and fun an MMORPG can bring," begins a popular recent Reddit post from the community, perfectly describing the way the game was received.

Hopefully, New World will continue to hold up to its high standard, and be the new titan of the MMO genre, as it seems capable of leading the genre itself in a new, and exciting, direction.

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