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New World ghost changes give mobs additional hp for no apparent reason

Published: 02:36, 20 November 2021
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New World
New World - Congratulations, now you will be killing this mob for half an hour

New World has, since its launch, had its good and bad sides. Of course, the bad sides are always more noticeable, but it seems developers are now slowly removing the good sides as well.

One of our favorite facets of New World was that you could be rewarded by learning the mob attack patterns and solo bosses in the style of Dark Souls. Most of my own, personal, gameplay experience was solo, and so were my chest runs each day, and there is so much fun in progressing and learning these level 63-66 elites and bosses and learning to beat them consistently and feel rewarded looting them and the chests.

But now so many of them, both Bosses and plain mobs, have about ten times their previous hp that it's no longer fun. A lot of the changes can be said to not even make sense. In Malevolence, for instance, only the casters seem to have about more hp, the archers, the shield bearers, and the bears seem the same.

Amazon Game Studios New World - New enemies New World - New enemies don't mean old ones need nonsensical buffs

Furthermore, the worst part of these changes is the fact that they are ghost changes. Meaning that players were not notified that these changes would take place, and found out as it surprised them whilst playing the game.

For example, one player reports having a run-in with the Boss monster, Ivan the Inevitable. This Boss monster is not all that particularly difficult to solo, comparatively of course, but can you imagine the surprise one feels when he suddenly has twenty times the hp he had the day before. Certainly not a good situation to be in.

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