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New World food exploiters are dominating wars now

Published: 14:36, 16 November 2021
Updated: 14:43, 16 November 2021
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New World
New World

New World just can't catch a break when it comes to cheaters of various kinds and the latest in the bunch are food exploiters that give themselves a massive advantage, resulting in overwhelming victories.

AGS already have their hands full with duplication exploiters who are getting permanent bans left and right but those who are damaging the gameplay experience for others are still flying under the radar, for the moment.

In the latest episode of New World exploitation adventures, players are using several tiers of the same food in order to apply the regeneration buff more than once. This gives them massive advantage in PvP as they can sustain themselves much easier, without chugging all the potions their opponents will need.

Just like with every exploit, not everyone leaned into it but the Lagado server in Asia-Pacific was not so lucky. The exploiters were brazen enough to record themselves during wars while using the food exploit, more than once

If that weren't enough, an actual streamer  publicly showed people how to use the exploit on the Dry Tree server in the EU Central group. This happened just before a war and they involved everyone in the lobby by providing a literal tutorial on the exploit .

Whether this will be bannable remains to be seen as AGS didn't post their official stance on the matter yet. While this might sound similar to the hatchet bug that dominated PvP until it was fixed, there is one key difference - no one is forcing or even nudging exploiters to use more than one food for the buffs.

Most players probably remember the hatchet bug vividly as well as the fact no one got banned for using it. The reason for this is probably because AGS didn't want to ban people who levelled hatchets before the actual exploiters discovered the issue and started wrecking the state of PvP. If this were a bannable offence at the time, the legitimate hatchet players would be forced to level a different weapon from scratch.

Amazon Game Studios New World - Observing PvP combat New World PvP already has an overabundance of healing and damage reduction. The food exploit is adding to it

With the food exploit, this is not the case. You can easily apply the buffs from the best food tier you have and forego the rest, meaning the exploit is a deliberate choice for everyone involved. Whether AGS can track and punish the bad actors is a different story and we will have to wait until the devs address the issue publically to see the results.

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