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New World fans are unhappy with Amazon's customer support

Published: 01:52, 05 October 2021
Updated: 00:46, 06 October 2021
Amazon Game Studios
New World MMO's archers in action!
There are the wars to register for at least, which is nice

New World can't seem to catch a break. The player population is enormous, the game seems to be well-made, but it looks like there is a new crack being unveiled every day in that perfect facade.

As we all know, New World is shaping up to be a game you either love or hate. Fans have been waiting for its release for a long time, and the delays have only made the anticipation that much greater.

However, during its beta stages, the game has had issues regarding balance, especially in PvP, with he great-ax dominating everything else in duels, and the system of toggling the PvP availability sparking discussions that culminated in fans asking the developers for dedicated PvP servers, which are not happening any time soon, by the way.

What Amazon has not predicted, however, is the number of players the game will have on launch. With New World player count peaking on 707 thousand players, their servers were put to the stress test and failed. A surprising turn of events for a company of Amazon's calibre, which they rectified by putting in a number of additional servers, rather than expanding the maximum amount of players that can play on just one server.

However, the issue the game now faces is of a different nature. As in any MMORPG, there are bound to be bugs and problems in everyday play. What happens when you try to contact customer support is another matter entirely.

On Reddit, fans have been complaining that the wait time for any personnel to answer your submission can take multiple hours, and even after you have made contact, what you can expect is for them to search for a solution on New World forums and other community spaces, which, of course, you can do yourself.

Amazon Games New World One-fourth of New World quests take place in graveyards

Credit where credit is due, in the discussions there is a portion of fans who have nothing but praises for the support team and have had their issues resolved in a timely, and professional, manner. This in turn begs the question if Amazon Games' support structure was filled in quickly by unqualified people, and is being held up by a skeleton crew of competent employees who are the only ones being given access to the game and contacting developers to directly resolve in-game issues.

Some fans have even postulated that this, and the game's lacking PvE, are the result of New World being rushed to get ahead of other titles that are also coming soon to the MMORPG genre.

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