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New World exploits are targeted by the developers

Published: 02:50, 31 July 2021
Amazon Games Studio
New World is facing a problem that stems from its foundations

If anything has ever been more true in gaming, it is that players will seize any and every chance to get ahead of their competitors. Unfortunately, in MMOs, those chances are usually game exploits that are bound to happen.

Starting off with the first MMORPG ever created, one released in 1996, a full year before the term MMORPG was coined, players immediately started abusing the game in ways developers did not intend to happen.

The game was called The Realm, and the Youtuber The Spiffing Brit would have had a blast playing it. It was rife with game-breaking bugs that players exploited to such an extent that no mobs could be found in the game, forcing the developers to break the game into multiple servers, rather than one mega-server, which is a practice that MMORPGs use to this day.

Now, New World is not even close to The Realm in regards to exploitable opportunities, but even so, certain things fall through the cracks.

In their official Closed Beta Update, developers have announced that their focus will be shifted towards eliminating any exploits found in the game. Luckily, the community of New World is one that waited for the game for a long time and aided the developers in identifying these exploits as soon as possible.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • The Gren Bear exploit
  • Fire Staff "Pillar of Fire" damage exploit
  • PvP flagging bug
  • The World Exploit on Cosmos Server

Amazon Games New World New World's dark fantasy is still beautiful to behold

All of these and more plague the game currently, making for a frustrated community at certain times. That is not to say that the game is unplayable, on the contrary in fact, but the developers are nipping exploits in the bud before the problem grows out of proportion.

All benefits gained via exploits will be rolled back, to ensure a level playing field for all in New World.

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