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New World endgame wars and territory control is extremely imbalanced

Published: 06:38, 28 December 2021
Amazon Games
New World - All out war
All out war is expected to happen often in New World, but not daily

As far as Amazon was concerned, wars in New World were supposed to be costly affairs, that take time, effort, and resources to prepare for, with the whole faction participating. As players reach endgame, however, this proves not to be the case.

As it currently stands, the top group of 50 players, typically from the largest faction, are generally unbeatable in war. Not only is there a skill advantage, but there is now an essentially insurmountable gear advantage as these players have held WW/EF for months, making millions of gold per week. No other company can keep up.

This is, necessarily, not a problem on its own, as the best group of 50 deserves to control the most profitable city. The problem, however, is that one elite group can control the entire map. On multiple servers, the same group of 50 defends WW, EF, BW, and more. They have wars all set at different times and are more than happy to do 2-3 defenses a day.

Amazon Game Studios New World - Observing PvP combat New World - Observing PvP combat

There is a simple solution to this problem, which would be to put a cooldown on how often a player can enter a defensive war. The cooldown doesn’t need to be that long and should be bypassed when attempting to re-defend the same city. Even if the most dedicated players made second or third characters to defend multiple cities, they wouldn’t have the gear advantage that their main characters have.

However, this is still an example of the saying: "Don't hate the player, hate the game". This would not be possible if New World was not set up in such a way, and it is not the fault of the strongest players that they are utilizing the advantages given to them.

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