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New World disables all trading to prevent dupe glitching

Published: 20:45, 01 November 2021
Amazon Game Studios
New World
I guess players will travel the world purely for the scenery now

Amazon Game Studios announced they are disabling all forms of moving goods or currency for the time being while they deal with a glitch that is bound to imbalance the economy.

AGS had already dealt with a duplication glitch in  New World  but exploiters found another way to do it, which has been a hot topic over the weekend. Considering the workweek would resume on Monday, pretty much everyone expected the devs would respond to the issue on November 1, 2021.

The response came in the form of disabling all means of wealth transfer between players, which includes sending currency, depositing or withdrawing from guild treasury, using the trading post and player to player trading. This will undoubtedly have adverse effects on crafting and refining stations across various towns but it had to be done until the exploiters are dealt with.

Speaking of which, AGS stated they will have some sort of action against the players who engaged in gold duplication but it remains to be seen what it is.

When the exploit users have been dealt with, the devs will enable wealth transfer once again but for the time being, you are left to your own devices and ways of generating currency for whatever purpose you might need it. We have a feeling this will put a pause in the crafting of Legendary weapons and armour since most players outright buy rare materials like Void Ore instead of farming for it.

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