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New World director all but confirms microtransactions besides cosmetics

Published: 13:05, 07 July 2022
Updated: 13:06, 07 July 2022
New World
New World

New World has had a rough time after launch for a variety of reasons but one of them were terrible decisions that drove away a large chunk of the audience. Now there might be one more coming along.

New World currently holds just a tiny fraction of the original player base from when the game launched. The massive dropoff can be attributed to AGS' inability to deal with the cheaters in time, massive technical issues that led to broken gameplay loops and activities, terrible updates that added more grind to an already grindy game and absolute disrespect for the players' time investment.

It's the last two reasons that many suspected Amazon would start selling "time savers" in the cash shop back when they nerfed crafting progress and the community backlash was pretty massive. Eventually, AGS didn't introduce the monetised convenience items but they never said they wouldn't do it in the future.

Fast forward to July 2022, and the game director, Scot Lane talked with the founder of Insomniac Games, Ted Price, where a rather interesting question popped up. Price asked whether AGS thought about monetising items beyond customisation and Price's answer was pretty straightforward.

"Yeah, we have talked about it and we're still talking about it. I think it's safe to say we will at some point"

This reply confirms AGS' intention to introduce items that would provide an advantage over other players, purchased with real-life currency.

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Whether the items will provide progression bonuses or straight-up make players stronger than those who don't pay remains to be seen. The latter may look impossible for the moment but some of the baffling decisions AGS made after New World's launch definitely leave room for discussion.

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