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New World devs tease blunderbuss and greatsword mechanics

Published: 04:03, 18 December 2021
New World
New World

Amazon Game Studios provided a video update on the state of things in New World and once section offered a glimpse into what the upcoming blunderbuss and greatsword will be like.

Learning more weapons in New World is one of the more fun things to do in the game as most are rather inspired and not quite the same as you'd find in other MMOs. As such, those who are still playing are also eagerly waiting for more additions that will refresh the gameplay and offer a reprieve from the farming woes.

Blunderbuss and greatsword appear to be the weapons that are furthest into development and AGS felt comfortable enough with sharing some of the more in-depth details about their mechanics.

The former will be a ranged weapon, albeit with much less range than the likes of fire staff, musket or bow. The devs' wording in the video below suggests it will have great AoE potential and the weapon will scale with Strength and Intellect. Expect a bunch of explosions from this gun, which may or may not ruin your FPS in large scale conflicts, such as wars.

Meanwhile, the greatsword has to carve its own niche in a world where the war hammer and great axe successfully fulfil so many roles. This will be done with stance switching, a unique mechanic for the upcoming two-handed melee weapon.

AGS didn't go into detail on what the stances will do but it's safe to assume they will offer more versatility than the great axe, which is probably where the greatsword will try to find its place.

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