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New World devs explain if Overwolf map addon will get you banned

Published: 13:19, 07 November 2021
Amazon Game Studios
New World
New World

New World players have been a bit confused on whether they can get banned for using a third-party addon and the devs jumped in to clear up some of the facts.

Gathering in New World is highly important due to the emphasis the game puts on crafting, which led players to search for the most effective ways to get the necessary materials. One of these ways was using the Overwolf minimap addon, which lets the players see their surroundings on the radar instead of relying on the compass provided by the game.

However, since this is a third-party addon, numerous players raised concerns over potentially getting banned for cheating and expected AGS to reply on what's legal to use and what's not. The devs did so on November 5, 2021, clearing up the potential confusion but also sowing some in a different aspect.

As it turns out, players are free to use the minimap addon, provided it's only their own position on the map that is pulled by the widget. In other words, the addon is not allowed to show anything else that is active on the map, such as resource nodes or enemies. If it pulls such information from the game and displays it on the radar, it becomes illegal and can get you banned.

Some players then posed a question on how the radar would be different from having a resource map open on a second monitor but this remains to be answered at some point in the future.

Amazon New World - Mining an iron vein New World - Mining an iron vein

Either way, if you're worried about the safety of your account, we would suggest avoiding the addon until AGS clearly define whether they will ban the users or not.

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