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New World dev update offers a sneak peek for the entire year

Published: 04:11, 19 March 2022
New World - Hemp
New World - Hemp

Amazon Game Studios posted a new dev update video that is quite lengthy so here is a TL;DW version, albeit in written word as opposed to an audio or video recording.

New World has many good things coming its way in 2022. Sadly, many of these updates and changes are things players have been asking for for a long time and many have already quit by now.

Anyway, the dev update video lasts for almost an hour but here is a bullet list for the highlights:

  • Bows and muskets are getting unlimited ammo but your inventory might still get hogged
  • Moving loot between storage chests in different town will be limitless and free
  • Items in the inventory will no longer be damaged (Finally!)
  • Cross-region transfers are coming but they will be paid for
  • PvP enthusiasts are getting 3v3 arenas during the spring
    • Also PvP rewards
  • Global cooldown will be introduced for a clearer way to keep track of things like daily chests and other resets
  • LFG tool for expeditions is coming during the summer
  • Greatsword weapon and Desert Sands map are coming during autumn
  • Leaderboards for PvE and PvP are in development

All of these are great additions but keep in mind that many of these changes were requested by the community a long time ago and it took months for something as basic as not gimping a player for using a certain weapon to be implemented.

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