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New World density test start time and schedule

Published: 11:45, 30 July 2020
Amazon Game Studios
Soldier fighting a bear in New World
New World, we can't bear to watch!

Amazon Games' second title is entering a density test on July 30, 2020, which is relatively open but there are some hitches if you want in.

New World's density test will have three periods where players will be able to test the game out but not all of them will have the same duration. The longest session will go on for 10 hours, while the other two will last for three hours each.

Density test schedule:

  • July 30, 2020 - from 2:00 PM PT / 11:00 PM CEST to 12:00 AM PT / 9:00 AM CEST
  • July 31, 2020 - from 6:00 PM PT / 3:00 AM CEST to 9:00 PM PT / 6:00 AM CEST
  • August 1, 2020 - from 1:00 PM PT / 10:00 PM CEST to 4:00 PM PT / 1:00 AM CESt

If you are looking to get into the test, the full list of eligible players is as follows:

  • Those who pre-ordered on July 26 or before
  • Those who participated in Alpha test
  • A random selection of those who signed up for Beta testing on July 9 or before

Two out of three of those groups of people will receive an email with the invitation for the test. Even those who pre-ordered on Amazon will get an email with a Steam key and participation details while those who pre-ordered on Steam will get instructions through the Community Hub for New World .

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