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New World December update fixes a bug that was actually useful in-game

Published: 06:29, 16 December 2021
Amazon Game Studios
New World
New World

As the dreaded January update approaches, the December update brings with itself a host of problems of its own. One of those is fixing a harvesting bonus bug, that was actually working fine for months, and the fix will ruin its usefulness.

One of the most recent updates that New World has experienced is the December Update. In it, AMazon have resolved some bugs, one of which is something players actually liked:

"Fixed a bug that was causing harvesting speed territory standing bonuses to improve yield instead of speed."

This is a pretty massive nerf to the card, to the point that the players are calling for Amazon to do a global respec. A lot of the player-base skilled fully into gathering speed. This behavior, of the card, was never acknowledged as a bug so everyone was under the impression that the description was simply incorrect.

Amazon Game Studios New World - Void Gauntlet New World - Void Gauntlet

Aside from that, it severely cuts down on skill-tree variety for territory standing. The only things worth putting points into now will be storage and taxes. Even if it wasn't intended, this "bug-fix" is just an unnecessary nerf to something that wasn't, actually, broken. Territory standing should be worth leveling and should have some relevant impact. It's been in the game for months without hurting anything, no reason to change it now.

However, Amazon are not really known for their ability to make decisions that benefit the game, or take the player feedback and use it to make changes that the game will actually benefit from.

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