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New World datamining reveals greatsword weapon and balance targets

Published: 03:09, 11 November 2021
Amazon Game Studios
New World
New World

Amazon Game Studios kicked off the PTR for New World and just a few hours later, data miners came out with a treasure trove of information.

New World 's PTR included some of the planned changes for the game, mostly the ones that were being requested by the community but also novelties, like the Void Gauntlet. While that is the next weapon, it appears it's not the only one in the works.

According to the data mining results posted on Reddit, the next weapon after this one will be the Greatsword. Unfortunately, there wasn't much information that could help determine how the weapon will perform or what it will be mostly used for.

However, there is some information on the existing weapons. Namely, there are mentions of a balance patch that will alter the behaviour of some of the most popular tools of destruction in New World.

Swords are getting buffed with Leaping Strike cooldown being reduced by seven seconds, making it more potent in PvP. Similarly, the left talent tree of the Warhammer will see a buff through the Mighty Gavel cooldown going down by two seconds. 

Hatchets' Rending Throw will have seven seconds shaven off the cooldown which is almost half of it but no one really cares because throwing the hatchet is still highly ineffective. 

Muskets are getting reduced cooldowns on both Shooter Stance and Stopping Power while the Bows will get a lower cooldown on Rapid Shot and Poison Shot.

Rapiers are getting a major buff with the Riposte going from 20 to 12 seconds of cooldown, making the ability much more useful if a fight drags on.

Life Staff will have a longer range on the Sacred Ground but the duration will go down by three seconds.

Amazon Game Studios New World New World

 Keep in mind these changes are not even live on PTR yet so it may still take some time until we get to see them.

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