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New World bug can eventually result in negative healing

Published: 18:00, 18 December 2021
Amazon Game Studios
New World
New World

New World's latest update arrived with another game-breaking bug. Who ever saw that one coming?

Amazon Game Studios' updates are infamous for the horrible bugs they bring to New World and the latest one is crippling Ice Gauntlet users, in PvP at least.

Should one such player use the Entombed ability, coupled with the Cleansing Tomb upgrade, they are highly likely to get gimped in larger engagements, such as wars or Outpost Rush. 

Cleansing Tomb is supposed to remove debuffs from the Ice Gauntlet wielder when they use Entombed but the code got bungled with the latest update and some debuffs become permanent instead. This applies to slows from ability upgrades such as Crippling Reap or Supplementary Repulsion for Stopping Power. 

On top of that, the bug makes healing debuffs permanent too, so if one were to use Putrefying Scream with the associated armour perk and the target would then cleanse with the tomb, they would get a permanent healing reduction debuff. 

To make matters worse, these permanent debuffs stack so if one were to cleanse a slow enough times, they would eventually become immobile and have to rely on jumping and dodging to move at all. 

The extremes of permanent healing debuffs are even worse though. If it gets cleansed enough times, this bug can incur negative healing. At this point, the character can no longer be healed.

If they die in such a state, even reviving them gets the character back to zero health so they just instantly die again. Attempting to respawn at a shrine is also futile because New World glitches out and locks the player in an infinite loading screen .

The only workaround is to log out for long enough for the character to de-spawn, at which point the permanent debuffs are removed and you are allowed to play again.

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