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New World bot comes close to max level without getting banned

Published: 05:10, 05 January 2022
Amazon Games
New World
New World - Congratulations, now you will be killing this mob for half an hour

Botting is just one of New World's many problems and it's so prevalent that these illegal characters are close to reaching maximum level through completing menial tasks.

Reaching max level in New World is not particularly hard, for a human at least. Between the main quests, expeditions and town boards, there are numerous ways to gain experience on that road. However, gaining experience solely through gathering is a much slower process, which ended up serving as a negative connotation for the state of the game.

Namely, players on the Olympus server started noticing a bot that kept fishing in the same place for weeks. Naturally, when one sees such behaviour, they tend to report it but it appears that Amazon's team in charge of handling these requests didn't get to it yet.

When a player posted the bot's progress on Reddit , others immediately recognized it and if the stories check out, it would mean the bot had been fishing in the same spot for weeks without getting banned, despite the players reporting it.

In the first screenshot, the bot was level 52 but over the course of time, it got to level 55 and since it's not able to engage in other activities, it's safe to assume all of this experience was earned solely through fishing.

Amazon New World - fishing outside Windsward New World

If it manages to stay afloat for the next five levels, it will have achieved max level without doing any other activity in the game but failing to deal with the reports over such a long period of time will remain as another stain on AGS' reputation.

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