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New World Alpha is coming to Europe soon

Published: 03:41, 24 February 2021
New World screenshot showing several characters
New World

Amazon announced that New World MMO is coming to Europe for a few test runs as well, giving the players the opportunity to see what it's about before the release.

New World has been through some public testing already but it was restricted regionally and the players from Europe couldn't try it out for themselves. This is going to change on March 30, 2021, when European players will get to check out the Alpha test as well.

Not everyone will have access and to have a chance at getting it, you will need to sign up on the New World tester registration website . Keep in mind that you will need an Amazon account to log in, after which you can opt-in to the test.

The test itself is still over a month away so it might take some time for the email to arrive and confirm you were selected for participation. If the email doesn't arrive, it probably wasn't your lucky day.

Make sure you check out the PC requirements for the game before joining the test since it's still in the Alpha phase so even the hardware that meets the recommendations might run into issues, let alone underpowered rigs attempting to run New World.

Those who participated in the North American testing will once again be able to try the game out but they will not be able to carry any progress over due to the updates Amazon performed thus far.

The sign-up page we linked above also contains an FAQ which is surely worth checking out for any queries you might have.

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