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New World 1.1.1 patch notes include a paragraph saying nothing new

Published: 15:43, 01 December 2021
New World
New World

Amazon Game Studios have released patch notes for 1.1.1 in New World and included an entire paragraph without new information. Even the old info in it was misleading, hinting at an attempt to

Patch notes are usually posted by developers to provide clarity about changes for the players so they don't end up lost when they encounter all of that. This is not the case with New World.

The patch notes in this particular MMO tend to be only a portion of what was actually changed and the undocumented nerfs have the community wary of the potential introduction of paid boosters and other monetisation along those lines. Now, with patch 1.1.1, players are searching for undocumented changes while AGS are sticking useless and misleading paragraphs into their patch notes.

"Recently we lowered the amount of trade skill XP provided by lower tiered items when a player reaches a new tier of crafting bases per skill. To use metal as an example, when a player unlocks Steel recipes they earn less from crafting iron recipes. We did this to emphasize crafting higher tiered items as you progress through trade skills and to also improve the value of higher tiered materials. Our intention behind this change is to reward players for crafting higher tiered items as they progress through the ranks of each trade skill. Before this change, we found players were spending too much time crafting low tier items as opposed to pushing their crafting skill up crafting items that they may actually use at their current level."

This particular "patch note" doesn't actually speak about any changes introduced in 1.1.1. It's addressing AGS' supposed thought process from the 1.1 update, known as Into the Void . In other words, this paragraph is not a patch note and as such, has no business pretending to be one.

It's not all, however, as even the statements in the paragraph aren't entirely true. AGS claim that their intention behind increasing XP needed for levelling the trading skills up was to reward players to craft items useful to them.

Considering that crafted gear is quickly out levelled and outperformed by what we loot anyway, there is nothing rewarding about the process. Even if they consider the increased XP gains from higher tier crafting, they didn't reward the players - the devs still nerfed it. When players craft higher tier items, it will still take more higher tier items to level up than it took before the patch.

Amazon Game Studios New World Into the Void with your wishes for transparency

This is the second time AGS tried to obfuscate what they did with New World's crafting progression, with the first attempt being in the patch notes for Into the Void.

"However, it should still take the same amount of effort to progress the crafting skill if you craft items in the highest tier you are capable of crafting."

Players fact-checked these claims and figured out you would need 25 per cent more higher-tier items crafted to max out a given trading skill

With more than one attempt at keeping the progression nerf hidden, it is no wonder the community is sceptical about the devs'' claims and are expecting monetisation that is baked into progression. They did hint something like this would happen in the future, after all.

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