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New State Mobile update adds round deathmatch and more weapons

Published: 15:37, 15 February 2022
New State Mobile
New State Mobile

Krafton updated New State Mobile with quite a bit of content, including a game mode, new weapons and additional mods to existing ones.

New State Mobile, previously known as PUBG: New State, is getting a bunch of new stuff that should refresh the game with the latest update. 

Probably the biggest announcement here is the addition of the Round Deathmatch game mode. Basically, it's all the rules of the widely known Team Deathmatch, except players don't respawn and it's not the kill score that achieves a victory. Instead, the team that doesn't get annihilated wins the round and the next one begins.

Additionally, there will be a blue zone that will push players towards each other. As they come to a head, one team will be left standing and score a point. The first team to seven points wins.

Besides the game mode, players can look forward to the new weapons - MP5K and Crossbow. MP5K is a 9mm SMG that has been seen through movies and video games over the past few decades and is geared for close range. Meanwhile, the Crossbow will be a delight for precision shooters at longer distances, which is why it will be found as a field drop in Troi and Erangel 2052.  

Additionally, M249 can now be equipped with the shield attachment that will prevent enemies from destroying the weapon but it will incur a penalty to ADS time. 

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