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Krafton shows off new PUBG New State map, Troi

Published: 13:49, 11 June 2021
PUBG New State
PUBG New State

Krafton revealed more about the upcoming iteration of PUBG for mobile devices and this time it was in-depth showcase of the map Troi.

PUBG New State will be placed a little further into the future compared to the existing game and Troi will probably be the hallmark map that every fan will recognise when it's shown in the background, mentioned or comes close to attention otherwise. Kind of like Erangel for the first PUBG.

One of the first things you will notice in the Field Trip video below is the mix of new and existing weapons but also cars that don't look like they were fished out of a junkyard, 40 years ago. 

Exhibit Hall is definitely going to be a popular drop place since you can jump inside the building from the get-go and it will definitely have loot. That said, other players will probably have the same idea so you will have a hot landing almost every time. The building has some bulletproof glass so players will need to be careful not to waste ammo at the start.

The Mall will be similar as it also has an open-roof concept but the key difference is less focus on verticality and more on ambushing enemies from various shops that are present. It also has functional escalators so getting to a location can get much quicker or slower, depending on if you choose the correct lane.

 Laboratory has multiple enclosures, similar to the shops in the mall, meaning it's a great ambush site and close-quarters combat location. 

 Trailer Park features numerous makeshift bunkers so the area will definitely be high on the priority list for everyone.

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