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New GTA Online trailer confirms weapons leak from earlier

Published: 15:24, 21 July 2022
Rockstar Games
GTA Online - Tactical Rifle
GTA Online - Tactical Rifle

GTA Online has previously leaked basic information about two new weapons that are coming with the big summer update but now we have a first look, thanks to the new screenshot and trailer.

GTA Online is vastly popular and as such, the players can't wait to get their hands on more information about what's next for the game. With such desires come leakers and wannabe leakers so it's difficult to discern which ones are credible at times.

Alloc8or, for example, has a track record of leaking correct information and this time around was no different as the leaker pointed to two new weapons coming in the summer update for GTAO, with correct descriptions of each.

For several possible reasons, alloc8or revealed only that a total of two new weapons will be added, one named Tactical Rifle and the other was codenamed PRCSRIFLE, with fans wishing the first one resembled M4 or M16 more closely than the Carbine Rifle did.

On July 21, 2022, Rockstar confirmed this with the screenshot you see above, with the new weapon closely resembling an M16. Now it only remains to be seen if it will be any good.

Meanwhile, the PRCSRIFLE was suspected to be a "Precision Rifle" and the weapon seen in the trailer below at 0:39 fits the bill. From the looks of it, the anti-materiel rifle took some inspiration from Cheytac Intervention.

More importantly for gameplay, it appears that the Precision Rifle can be operated without a scope, which would be the first for a slow-firing, high-impact weapon of its class.

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