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New Elden Ring leak: Q1 2021 release date, cross-platform multiplayer, co-op and more

Published: 13:57, 27 October 2020
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Elden Ring

Latest Elden Ring rumour is coming from 4chan and it claims that the game will be revealed at The Game Awards show. Apparently, the release date is set for March or early April. The game will support cross-platform multiplayer and co-op.

It's been a long wait for FromSoftware's next big title Elden Ring. Ever since the developer announced the game back at E3 2019, we did not get a single piece of official information about Elden Ring. The release date for the game has been speculated for many months but all these leaks and rumours were mostly false.

Some solid sources suggested that we will not see Elden Ring in 2020 and with each passing week and month, it looks like this is the most realistic scenario. 

However, Elden Ring fans have one last hope in The Game Awards show which is scheduled for December 2020. And according to the latest leak, this is the place where Elden Ring will finally appear. Now, before you dive into this leak, keep in mind that it's coming from 4Chan, which means it's probably incorrect. That being said, it would not be the first time that 4chan leak is spot on.

The leak states that Elden Ring will be revealed at TGA 2020 with a planned release date set for March/early April. Furthermore, the game will be cross-gen on launch and it will run at 60 FPS on next-gen consoles and PC with better textures and higher resolution support. 

It also features cross-platform multiplayer between PC and Xbox but not PlayStation, which may get the feature later on. 

The gameplay is much more robust with co-op integration. Players will be able to form small parties and explore together but of course, you can also play the game entirely solo if that's your preference. The Invasion system is also present and depending on which covenant you belong to, your purpose as an invader will vary greatly since covenants will have a great impact on gameplay.

From Software screenshot from elden ring showing a red hair female warrior Elden Ring

As always with leaks and rumours, a hefty dose of scepticism is required, especially with these 4chan leaks. Some bits in the leak could be true like the cross-platform multiplayer support but don't get your hopes up on such a robust co-op integration just yet.

However, FromSoftware made it clear a couple of times that Elden Ring will be their biggest title yet with a proper open-world and other major features so it's possible that they are going with a full party system. Hopefully, we won't have to wait for another year to find out if this is indeed true or not. 

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