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Arma 3 introducing Jets DLC and aircraft carriers for all

Published: 08:55, 14 April 2017
Arma 3 - Jets DLC

Arma 3's upcoming Jets DLC will be adding three new fighter jets and a free aircraft carrier for all players to park those jets on, along with the free platform update.

The free aircraft carrier all Arma 3 players will be getting on 16 May 2017 features functional autonomous defensive weapon systems and enables catapult take-offs and tailhook landings.

Bohemia Arma 3 Jets - CVN-83 “USS Freedom” Arma 3 Jets - CVN-83 “USS Freedom”

The CVN-83 “USS Freedom” aircraft carrier is sadly a static object at this point, only movable with aid of the 3D Scenario Editor and there is no way to actually "drive" nuclear powered vessel. Since the Arma series has sprouted a significant number of mods over the years, which have then promptly turned into separate games - a dedicated modder somewhere probably saw the and declared Challenge accepted!.

The Jets DLC also adds three new single seat all-weather tactical fighter jets. The F/A-181 Black Wasp II, To-201 Shikra and A-149 Gryphon fighters will joined by the Sentinel reconnaissance platform which is usually carrier based.

There is a pre-order discount available for the DLC pack, for £8 at a 10 per cent discount in case you are afraid that Bohemia Interactive will run out of aircraft carriers.

Bohemia Arma 3 - Jets Arma 3 - Jets

The rest of the free platform updates includes a 'sensor overhaul' improving targeting and target detection, an upgraded fixed wing damage model, dynamic vehicle loadouts and other jet-related changes.

As soon as modders are done with putting legs on the naval main operating base we might get to see what it looks like when you ram an aircraft carrier, with another aircraft carrier.

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