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Why not have a go at Arma 3 for free this weekend?

Published: 18:04, 27 April 2018
Bohemia Interactive
Soldiers around a helicopter in ARMA 3

It seems like the weekend ahead is going to be a great time to sit on the couch and cherry pick your pleasures, especially after learning that Bohemia Interactive are making their tactical shooter Arma 3 free to play over the weekend.

Bohemians are also having a 66 per cent discount on Arma 3, which means the full game will set you back only $13/£10. Also on sale are Arma 3's DLC packs - Karts, Helicopters and Jets, all but Jets getting the same hefty discount. 

Arma 3 goes for pure realism and if you needed any proof, you should know that state outlets in Russia have mistaken the game for real life footage and included it in their , where they celebrated the might of its military.

Players can have a go at Arma 3's single player, Bootcamp Prologue and The East Wind campaigns included, as well as all multiplayer modes and the Scenario Editor.

In case you're not familiar with the game, Arma 3 is notable for having one of the best mod scenes around, meaning that even though you should, you probably won't have enough time to try the best the community has to offer in the mods department.  

You may or may not recall Brendan Greene, the man behind this little, unknown title PUBG, creating the first version of his battle royale title as an Arma 2 mod. He actually modified an existing mod so PUBG's first steps were made under the name DayZ: Battle Royale.

We must admit, it's a great time to be freebieing your way around, with plenty of good games available for free at the moment. Detroit: Become Human has recently and H1Z1 announced its as a .

On a related note, Bohemia Interactive recently caught everyone off guard and announced a serious , with what they claim are major gameplay changes as well as additional features and content. Of course, there's nothing free about DayZ, we just though we'd throw it out there.

Bohemia Interactive ARMA 3 footage shown on the Russian Channel 1 ARMA 3

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