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Arma 3 gets a new drill, camo and composition sharing

Published: 12:13, 15 October 2020
Bohemia Interactive
Arma 3 screenshot showing tank and a soldier
Arma 3

Bohemia Interactive revealed the highlights of the Arma 3 patch that brought along a completely new firing drill, new camos, additional Steam achievements and composition sharing for the scenario editor.

Steam Workshop is getting enriched with Arma 3 content as the composition sharing is now a thing, as of the latest patch in the mil-sim game. Compositions can be made with the in-game tools and now they have the option to share them directly to the Steam Workshop. 

In order to do so, access Arma 3's library of weapons, vehicles, equipment, characters, structures and props, arrange them as you see fit and then simply click the associated icon to publish the composition to the Steam Workshop. The possibilities range from military camps over roadblocks and checkpoints to Halloween pumpkin festivals or just simple table and chairs - it's all up to the players to decide.

Meanwhile, the new firing drill is named Course of Fire: Gray and the players will be able to compete to set a record time on the course. There will be a familiar face from the game's story campaigns running the drill and will award a gold medal to those who manage to complete the course in under two minutes. 

The devs teased there will be multiple Easter Eggs and references hidden over the course, calling to the nostalgia of those who played the previous versions of Arma 3.

Those hoping to make their tacticool characters even cooler can look forward to the new arid variant of the existing CTRG special forces gear, such as stealth uniform and combat helmet from Arma 3 Apex expansion as well as the black variant of the P07 pistol. You can preview them in the new firing drill.

Furthermore, there are three new achievements on Steam that the completionists can try and tackle.

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