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Arma 3's DLC and the new game - Argo are free right now

Published: 19:12, 23 June 2017
Bohemia Interactive

Bohemia Interactive recently launched a new DLC pack for their Arma 3. Along with the DLC came a game made from a total conversion mod, called Argo. Both DLC and the new game are free.

Bohemia Interactive is encouraging you to take up their tactical shooter Arma 3 by giving away a free DLC pack for the game. The DLC is not the only thing on offer: Argo, the multiplayer spinoff from the Arma series is also attainable for zero moneys. 

Before it was a free tactical shooter, Argo was a total conversion mod for Arma 3. It spent some time in the  development program and came out a changed mod. Well, not completely changed. Just more, you know, a full game.

Bohemia Interactive Arma 3 Arma 3

Argo is a first-person shooter that features three five vs. five modes and a co-op mode named Combat Patrol. The latter brings ten players together and gives them the objective to patrol and combat. Not necessarily in that order.

Argo is set on a re-imagining of the island that appeared in the first Arma game. Another thing this game borrowed from Arma series is the Arma 3 scenario editor, which allows for customization of Combat Patrol objectives. 

Argo is a free to play game, without any microtransactions. However, there is a Supporter's Pack available for purchase. The Pack includes 14 animations for the end-of-match MVP screen, 22 cosmetic items, the ability to use vehicles in the scenario editor, and access to premium Argo Support servers. The Supporter's Pack costs around £8.99 and it's available now through .

Bohemia Interactive Argo Argo

The extra content for Arma 3 is a version of Argo's island map and Combat Patrol mode. The things have come full circle.

Arma 3 is enjoying a 66 percent discount during Steam's , and you can nab it for £10.99. Argo is also waiting for you over on .

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