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Neverwinter reveals Bard in gameplay trailer

Published: 01:27, 04 June 2021
Perfect World
Neverwinter - Bard
Neverwinter - Bard

Perfect World is introducing the long-awaited Bard to Neverwinter as they are looking to offer the players a bit of a refreshment with this jack of all trades.

According to the official description, Neverwinter's Bard will be able to infuse weapons with magic and use music to inspire allies or manipulate minds. It is said that some of the Bard magic even heals wounds, making the class well-rounded but it remains to be seen if it will excel in any of the areas.

There will be two distinct playstyles the Bards will have - Songblade and Minstrel. Due to these two different Paragon paths and the fact that Bards have the largest selection of spells in Neverwinter, there might be quite a few variations to choose from. On the other hand, we all pretty much already know that the meta build will eventually become what everyone will chase.

Anyway, Songblades will be somewhat similar to Rogues due to their proclivity for smaller blades but they will also combine these pointy sticks with magic and music. This path will specialise in damage dealing at close and mid range while also providing some support for the team through their songs.

Minstrels will assume a more supportive role by relying on songs and inspiration that should empower allies and heal their wounds. Additionally, they will be able to unleash psychic attacks and illusions.

There is currently no release date for the class but it will be revealed soon, along with more details.

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