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Neverwinter gets Avernus launch trailer and giveaway bundles

Published: 16:09, 01 July 2020
Neverwinter - Avernus
Neverwinter - Avernus

Cryptic Studios is celebrating 20th anniversary and are launching bundle giveaway across their games. Furthermore, Neverwinter is getting the Avernus content drop.

Neverwinter players are fresh off the adventures from the Infernal Descent content pack and they are now getting the similarly-themed Avernus to explore. The adventurers apparently get a new zone named Wastes of Avernus which should sound familiar to Forgotten Realms fans as Avernus is the first layer of Nine Hells.

This is where they will meet Lulu, a hollyphant that used to be Zariel's mount before the latter's fall. Following the event, she was no longer an angel but became the Archduchess of Avernus, a position she previously lost, regained and still holds up to the adventurers' arrival there.

Anyway, Lulu will ask players to help her open an infernal puzzle box, which wouldn't be an issue had she not lost her memory. This is where the players team up with Makos and the merchant Mahadi in order to take on the quest to restore Lulu's memory.

Heroes will get to ride infernal war machines during their adventures and will look further into the past of Archdevil Zariel. Actions on this path will apparently change Avernus and players will be able to see it after certain progress is made.

The 20th anniversary celebration offers some freebies for the players, provided they log in until July 6, 2020. All the items can be found at the Rewards agent.

For posterity, the Neverwinter bundle includes:

  • Platinum fashion set - cosmetic that alters armour appearance
  • Platinum vanity pet
  • Rank 15 enchantment choice pack
  • Bag of companion upgrade tokens
  • Title - Cryptonian

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