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Neverwinter's milestone IV of Redeemed Citadel begins soon

Published: 23:48, 09 November 2020
Perfect World
Neverwinter - Avernus Episode 1
Neverwinter - Avernus Episode 1

Neverwinter players should be expecting the next part of Redeemed Citadel to kick off soon and the third one to wrap up at the same time, with all the new stuff that comes along.

Milestone IV is set to begin on November 10, 2020, when the previous milestone will conclude. Therefore, players should wrap up their preparations and any personal progress that is tied to milestone III.

The new milestone will include a new server progress goal and a new leaderboard. This one will include the divine wings mount which is quite fancy and you can preview a gif of it in action below. 

Celestial wings, the alternate version of the reward will be available in the Zen Market but as you can imagine, it will cost a pretty penny. It will not be available immediately but Arc will announce when it becomes eligible for purchase.

Players will get to restore the forge during milestone IV and the completion of this chapter will bring more rewards which will not be announced at this time, possibly to avoid spoilers. Furthermore, there will be no new enemies to face but the forge will allow for hunt equipment upgrades which should make one and two star hunts easier.

Arc Games Neverwinter - Wings in action Neverwinter - Wings in action

Milestone IV is the final one and will remain in the completed state at the end so personal progress will be up for grabs until the release of the next module which should allow players to play the game at their own pace for a while.

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