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Neverwinter level squish coming to consoles with the new module

Published: 22:16, 10 August 2021
Cryptic Studios
Neverwinter - Jewel of the North
Neverwinter - Jewel of the North

Neverwinter: Jewel of the North already launched on PC but the console players are also getting it soon and it will bring many changes, including a level squish.

For those possibly not familiar with the term, a "level squish" is basically bringing the numbers back a bit, following years of them just growing through expansions. In this case, Neverwinter will squish the level cap from 80 to 20. As such, all previously level 80 characters will now be level 20 and will get a free gear pack as a compensation token of sorts.

The reason for the level squish, besides the clarity on your UI, is to bring it more in line with Dungeons and Dragons but also to let players explore more of the content without having to grind as much.

While it's probably the main highlight for some players, the level squish is certainly not the only one that's coming with the update. The new Bard class will combine agile swordplay with magical ballads to deal damage and support the teammates.

Depending on the chosen Paragon Path, the Bard can become a Minstrel or Songblade. The Minstrels are the support version of the class, letting the players heal their allies but also cause psychic attacks and illusions.

Meanwhile, the Songblade will instead infuse the music into their swords and focus on close and mid-range combat. Spell usage will focus on offering buffs that will enhance their combat ability, letting the more aggressive players find their place with the Bards as well.

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