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Magic: Legends shuts down on October 31 while in open beta stages

Published: 18:51, 29 June 2021
Perfect World Entertainment
Magic: Legends did not live up to its legendary name
Magic: Legends did not live up to its legendary name

It is always a sad day when publishers choose to shut down servers to a long-running MMO game, with interesting systems and a loving community. But what can be said of games with short lives, and no community that plays or loves them?

Perfect World Studios have announced that Magic: Legends will be shutting down their servers on October 31, 2021. A decision which was expected by the community, but the speed at which it was reached is genuinely surprising.

Magic: Legends is currently in the open beta stages of the game, and the game itself, with class options, skill upgrades, setting and magic systems is innovative and makes for a great gameplay experience.

However, what destroys all these positive aspects of the game, is the bane of all modern MMOs, the microtransactions. As the skill system is based on building a deck of skills, which are then available in battle randomly, the ZEN store, through which real-world money is utilized, brought great imbalance to the game, with artifacts, skills, spells, and more, being bought and not earned.

In lieu of all this, all the game has managed to accomplish is create a bitter fanbase, with many players saying that the game will not be missed. Quite a few of them, even, express surprise that full refunds will be given to all players, for the game and in-game purchases, ascribing "money-grubbing" epithets to the game.

Perfect World Entertainment Not even the Necromancer can raise this game from the dead Not even the Necromancer can raise this game from the dead

There are no current plans in bringing back the game sometime in the future, but until the servers shut down, all in-game purchases will be via the free in-game currency, which may show the potential of what Magic: Legends could have been.

The announcement letter, with its wording, though, shows that the actual developers, those working on the game, are saddened with the path they had to take, and props have to be given to them for designing and making a game of such a caliber, regardless of the following business practices that ruined it.

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